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David Cowen

CEO, The Cowen Group

Amy is one of the most professional and lightning fast graphic professionals I've ever worked with. Not only is she worth every penny, her work is super clean and absolutely correct and on target the first time every time. She has a great eye for detail and we gave her more more responsibility almost every month. As well I have to say that whenever I was under a timeline and pressure- she went above and beyond and would work a weekend to save my projects and make me look good. Finally and on top of all the above she is just a delightful, authentic and genuinely nice person. I recommend her without reservation.

Zach Stampone

Executive, Scatena & Rosner Films

Amy is professional and skilled at what she does. Two technical qualities I feel are very important to performing any job or task, but what makes her so amazing to work with is her trust, reliability, and genuine care for what she's a part of. Every deadline was early and every minor change was met with valuable feedback and above and beyond results. Thanks Amy. You're awesome.

Brett Dabdoub

Marketing Lead, Mobile Mentor

I have used Amy for a few projects now and she has done an excellent job with all the jobs we have given her. We will use her in the future for more projects.

Matthew Cyr

CEO, Crave Retail

Amy is talented, smart, and relevant. So many designers we talk to are too old fashion. Amy brought the right speed and quality to designs that I and external parties loved. Highly recommended!

Stephen Ngo

Digital Growth Manager, ProfitWell

We have used Amy a few times now for different design projects and she never fails to impress with her excellent design work and quick turnaround time. I would highly recommend using her for any graphic design or display ads work!

Julianne Vinh

Visual Designer, Cisco Meraki

Amy is one of the fastest designers I've ever worked with. She was readily available for communication and the perfect balance between sticking to the brief and pushing the designs further."

Tiffany Mancia

National Veterinarian Association (NVA)

Thank you, Amy!!! You are always doing such an amazing job. You are not only awesome at what you do but you are consistent and always deliver our projects in a timely manner. Your positive attitude and always accepting new/special or off the grid projects is what makes you an amazing asset to our projects and company! Thank you for everything you do and I am happy to have met a new virtual friend!

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